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Copy And Paste Trades In The Forex Market

Struggling Forex Trader...
Look, I know this might sound like the usual nonsense - BUT - seriously, you have got to check this out
I have been trading Forex for almost 4 years and I enjoy analysing the charts... but when this landed on my desk, it sparked my curiosity... 

The entry level price was what got me intrigued - so I thought I'd test it out. And I'm glad I did! Simple copy and paste trades!
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Copy And Paste Trades - Simple to follow guides for new traders

Why would you want to look at this next BIG thing in the Forex arena and why would you even listen to ME?

You are absolutely right! I would be totally sceptical too and these days we need to have our guard up just that little bit more... right?

So, first of all, let me introduce myself, which actually might be easier to do by video, so you can see I'm a real person.  
So now you know a little bit about me, I'd love to know more about you too - so the easiest thing to do would be to come and join my Facebook group here and share a little "introductory post".

But let's get back to this "Next Big Thing" - Copy And Paste Trades

I have been and continue to be part of a large Forex Education platform for almost 4 years - and in another "Members Only" Facebook Group, I provide Live Forex discussions and analysis, teaching others how I personally trade. I'm one of 8 people covering various hours to suit time zones across the globe. In this Facebook group we also provide trade ideas with Entry Points, Stop Loss and Take Profit details to help you make some money with the idea of at least covering your membership fee while you're learning. 

All we do is we show you what we do and how we do it. Simple right? Well, yes... and no. 

I completely get that, for some, learning to trade Forex is a challenge. There is quite a steep learning curve (although we have simplified it as much as possible for anyone to come in and start learning and trading. However, with this new platform, there is a lower price point at the entry level and you quite literally just copy and paste trade details from one app to another app on your smart phone (or on your computer if you prefer).  

And don't worry, I'll show you exactly what to do and how to do it (it is really quick and simple to do).

So with this service you can literally start trading almost immediately with very little knowledge and it takes very little time too. This gives you the opportunity to build your trading account over time (I'll share with you a special trick to boost this) and you can start to learn how to trade independently.

I tested the copy and paste trades for a week and the results were amazing.
I then back tested some of their previous set ups - explosive!

My personal trading style and preference is scalping - I like to be in and out of the market fairly quickly. I like a quick result. I don't have the patience to hold on to positions for the day, the week or even the month. However, I have set up a completely separate account just for these copy and paste trades, so I can let them run their course. Meanwhile, I continue to manage one of my other accounts for scalping and another account for compounding.

Copy And Paste Trade Results

Friday 28th May 2021
I don't usually trade on Friday afternoons - but there was a copy and paste trade idea that came in on Thursday for USDJPY, which I had been watching and hadn't entered as my analysis was expecting price to go higher, which it did. As you can see, I got a pretty good entry point. The second was AUDUSD, which came in on Friday. All I had to do was copy and paste trades. These positions achieved 40+pips each (the screenshot shows 25 + 26).
Don't worry if you don't know what a "pip" is (yet) as this will be explained. And I often get asked about the monetary value too. This depends on your trading account size - but if you went for $1.00 per pip - that would have been $80.00 minimum.. 
Trade Results 28/05/2021
Get this time critical info in your INBOX in a few minutes!

Disclaimer: Trading involves risk and participants may lose part, all, or more of the initial monies invested. Individual trade results will vary. Both gains and losses will be experienced by participants and each individual must define and act within their personal risk tolerance. We are not brokers, investment advisers, or fiduciaries and nothing in this document should be construed as investment advice or a guarantee of results.

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